What we do ....

We are a duo of DJs specialising in playing the oldskool sounds of Jamaica using our own VINTAGE VINYL collection

 We are an experienced all vinyl DJ duo, playing the very best in 60's/70's Jamaican Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae. We have a collection of 600+  7" singles, ranging from obscure Ska stompers, to crowd pleasing Reggae anthems, & killer Boss Reggae instrumentals, to extremely rare Rocksteady 7"s. please have a look at our Facebook Page for more information on what we are up to at the moment.

We have performed all over the country, and have played lots of our own self-promoted gigs, aswell as supporting well known bands such as Neville Staples, & The Dualers. In 2017 we had the honor of playing at Glastonbury Festival. We have been building a good reputation, as some of the best young ska DJs in the country (especially in the Mod/Scooter scene). So far we have received top notch feedback everywhere we have played. We have been greatly honored to have earned guest slots on some truly brilliant events, such as “The Scorcher”.

We are available to hire, and can supply our own PA.

We also consider support slots for bands, guest DJ slots, & Festival shows.